Golden Vanity

In this edition of the Bright Wall/Dark Room Podcast, Senior Editor Andrew Root talks with the creative team behind "the first one-woman feature film," Golden Vanity. Writer/director Max Abram and writer/producer Taylor Minas talk about developing the movie with their independent production company, Occasional Ghosts, over the course of a year and then filming it in five days, the difficult life of Judy Garland, stage parents, why so many actresses fell (and continue to fall) in the Hollywood factories, and what it means to enter into the often-complicated relationships between actor and audience. Their film tells the story of Mabel Montgomery Mayflower (Melora Hardin), an aging actress who storms an awards show, assaults the Best Actress winner and escapes to the Hollywood Hills to drunkenly record her life story before the police can show up to arrest her. 

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