Unloved & Overlooked Movies

We're looking at unloved & overlooked films this month and making a case for why you should care. Elizabeth, Andrew, and Kelsey are joined by a special guest, poet Arielle Greenberg, to discuss some of their favorite unloved movies:

1:54  Cult Films vs. Unloved Films  
9:14  Afternoon Delight, Crooklyn, Human Nature (Arielle's picks)  
19:29  J.J. Abrams' Lens Flares & Lucy (Andrew's picks)  
31:50  Sabrina & The Truth About Cats and Dogs (Kelsey's picks)  
37:53  Burn After Reading (Elizabeth's pick)  
41:22  Overrated/Backlash Films (Life is Beautiful, The Artist, etc)  
46:25  The BW/DR Movie Poster Game

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