Issue 50: Survival Kit

August 2017

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Letter from the Editor

And That's How It Happens: Life, Death, and Big Fish
Katherine Webb

Take Her to the Moon for Me
Paul Fischer on Dr. No

This is the Dream!: La La Land, Blue Valentine and Paterson on the Artist
Liz Harmer

Acts of Seeing
Joel Blackledge on Window Water Baby Moving and The Act of Seeing with One’s Own Eyes

A Certain Man
Andrew Root on Citizen Kane

Humor (Plus) Risk
Graham W. Osborne on Duck Soup

Learning The Rules of the Game: Expression, Intimacy, and Aesthetic Pleasure in Jean Renoir's Masterpiece
Danny Sullivan

Though I Do Not Know the Way
Kelcie Mattson on The Lord of the Rings

A Sorta Vibe
Brian Doan on Party Girl

Serenity: A How-To-Live Manual by Joss Whedon
Sarah Welch

Don't Eat Your Neighbors
Hal Koss on Two Days, One Night