Issue 43: Best of 2016

January 2017

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A Town by the Sea
Kelsey Ford on Manchester-by-the-Sea

Sticks & Stones
Andrew Root on Arrival

Geography as Identity: On Moonlight
Angelica Jade Bastién on Moonlight

Witch-Craft: Why Robert Eggers is Our Next Great Filmmaker
Lauren Wilford on The Witch

What Tyranny
Fran Hoepfner on Sing Street

Keeping the Lights On: Stranger Things and the Emotional Crisis of Motherhood
Katherine Webb on Stranger Things

Political Moviemaking in Hopeless Places: On American Honey
Matthew Eng on American Honey

Am I A Bad Person?
Victoria Large on The Nice Guys

Pioneer Women
Holli Carrell on Certain Women

Such Hard Blues
Karina Wolf on One More Time With Feeling

BW/DR Staff Picks: The Best Films of 2016