Issue 42: Holidays

December 2016

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It's A Wonderful Life?
Chad Perman on It's A Wonderful Life

Right Here Where We Live
Erika Schmidt on Meet Me in St. Louis

The Soft Glow of Electric Sex
Kara VanderBijl on A Christmas Story

Metropolitan, or How I Learned to Stop Kvetching and Love Christmas
Ben Mauk on Metropolitan

Le petit juif
Karina Wolf on A Christmas Tale (Un conte de Noël)

Spielberg Nipping At Your Nose
Jonathan Foster on Christmas in the work of Steven Spielberg

Um, Actually, The Holiday Is A Good Movie
Fran Hoepfner on The Holiday

When Christmas Cheer Sounds Like Panic: The West Wing’s “Noël”
Mary Bolton on The West Wing

You’ve Got Mail: Or, How A Story About Catfishing Is Getting Me Through This Holiday Season
Sarah Welch on You've Got Mail

In Defense of Sentimental Schlock: A Taxonomy of Made-for-Television Holiday Films
Elisabeth Geier