Issue 40: Faith

October 2016

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The Varieties of Religious Experience
Matt Brennan on The Leftovers, The Americans and Rectify

Taste and See
Alyce Youngblood on Chef's Table and Cooked

The Road Out of Utopia
Anna Sjogren on Captain Fantastic

Frames of Reference
Ian Maxton on Nostalghia

The Cinematic Saint: Joan of Arc
Joel Mayward

A Slow and Fragile Process
David Nilsen on the films of Ingmar Bergman

Jesus Christ, Doubting Thomas: The Last Temptation of Christ and Last Days in the Desert
Sarah Welch

The Hermit Saints of American Movie
Adam Hofbauer

Sitting in Judgment
Charles King on Defending Your Life

Radical Divergence: Engaging with Faith in Midnight Special
Katherine Taylor

It's Cold Out There Every Day
Alex Dabertin on Groundhog Day

Tommy (1975)
Arielle Greenberg