Issue 33: The Coen Brothers

March 2016

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Letter from the Editor

This is a True Story
Kelsey Ford on Fargo

A Tourist with a Typewriter
Stephen Sparks on Barton Fink

The Quare Fellow
Karina Wolf on Miller's Crossing

Film Noir as Black Comedy
Kevin Curtis on Blood Simple

Now Playing: Hail Caesar!
Fran Hoepfner

Three Times I Lusted After Donny Kerabatsos
Emma Stefansky on The Big Lebowski

Hunt Your Dreams To The Ends Of The Earth: Life Advice From Anton Chigurh
Hallie Bateman and Nick Bateman on No Country For Old Men

Drink and a Movie: Inside Llewyn Davis
Alissa Wilkinson

Mattie Ross
Arielle Greenberg on True Grit