Issue 29: Lenses

October 2015

Kindle edition (Amazon)

Letter from an Editor (free)

Guts and Glory (free)
Sophia Nguyen on Steven Soderbergh and The Knick

The Witch Dance (free)
Kelsey Ford on A Very Long Engagement

An excerpt from The Depths: A Reclamation, by Justin Hocking

Stranger In A Very Slightly Strange Land (free)
Charles Bramesco on TIFF '15

All You Are Going to Be, You Are Already
Gray Hendryx on The Holy Mountain

Black Sheep Club
Karina Wolf on Desperately Seeking Susan

How Much of the Body Can You Lose and Still Recognize Yourself?
Anneke Schwob on A Zed and Two Noughts

Afterimages of Comedy
Brad Nelson on Three Colors: White

The Golden Age of Grapefruit
Eloise Ross

Talk This Way
Zosha Millman

“This Isn’t like Any Other Profession Out There”
Arielle Greenberg