Issue 28: Teenagers

September 2015

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Letter from the Editor (free)

Living In The Sprawl: Coming-of-Age in the Suburban Void (free)
Charles Bramesco on Superbad

Me in Pink
Courtney Duckworth on Pretty in Pink

Chaos, Order, and Death
Olivia Collette on Heathers

Girls Like Us (free)
Elisabeth Geier on My Mad Fat Diary

Time Is A Flat Circle
Nate Fisher on Elephant

You’re Not One of Those Moralistic Young People, Are You?
Letitia Trent on Stealing Beauty

I'm Just a Stupid Kid
Christopher J. Fraser on Charlie Bartlett

This Is The Day Your Life Will Surely Change
A.J. Bradley on Empire Records

Wasted Youth
Arielle Greenberg on Fast Times at Ridgemont High