Issue 27: Paris

August 2015

Kindle edition (Amazon)

Letter from an Editor (free)

Paris License (free)
Karina Wolf on Charade

We’ll Always Have Paris (free)
Kara VanderBijl on Casablanca

Symphonies of Coincidence (free)
Brad Nelson on Three Colors: Blue

Seeing Ghosts (free)
Alissa Wilkinson

Since When? Since Always. In Your Dreams. (free)
Brianna Ashby on Amélie

More Than Cooks Are We (free)
Fran Hoepfner on Rataouille

Our Lives Might Have Been So Much Different (free)
Anya Jaremko-Greenwold on Before Sunset

Undeniably Part Cat (free)
Brooke Sonenreich on Une vie de chat

This Isn’t the Old Mr. Sunshine (free)
Taylor Hine on The Razor's Edge

American Accent, Pixie Haircut: Instructions for a Translation of New York to Paris, via The Herald Tribune (free)
Arielle Greenberg on A Bout de Souffle