Issue 26: Summer

July 2015

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Letter from the Editor (free)

Juggling Wolves (free)
Kelsey Ford on Rear Window

The Worst Things The Camp Counselors In Wet Hot American Summer Did Juxtaposed With The Worst Things That Happened To Me At Camp...Ranked (free)
Fran Hoepfner on Wet Hot American Summer

The Blonde in the Kitchen
Sabina Stent on The Seven Year Itch

How a Stray Dog Becomes Rabid
Kevin Harris on Stray Dog

Wake Up!
Jacqueline Ristola on Do the Right Thing

I Carried a Watermelon
Amanda McCleod on Dirty Dancing

The Dizzying Heat of Summer Nostalgia
John Douglass on The Sandlot

You're the One That I Want
Gillian Singletary on Adventureland

The Rich Stuff
Anna Sjogren on The Goonies

Moon Tower
Arielle Greenberg on Dazed and Confused