Issue 24: Martin Scorsese

May 2015

Kindle edition (Amazon)

Definitely A Guilt Thing (free)
Chad Perman & Elizabeth Cantwell on Mean Streets

Watching and Re-Watching Taxi Driver in a Digital Age
Lauren Carroll Harris on Taxi Driver

If It Dances
Brad Nelson on The Last Waltz

Escape in New York (free)
Greg Cwik on After Hours

Whiter Shade of Pale
Karina Wolf on Life Lessons

Martin Scorsese Makes Movies That Hurt to Love
Alex Dabertin on Goodfellas

Watching Casino, Twenty Years Later
Lisa McElroy on Casino

Indoor Kids (free)
Anna Sjogren on Hugo

All The Times I Felt Gross Watching The Wolf Of Wall Street
Fran Hoepfner on The Wolf of Wall Street