Issue 23: Funny Bones

April 2015

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Letter from the Editors (free)

A Slap on the Back and Heavy Mist Before the Eyes (free)
Karina Wolf on The Philadelphia Story

Car Chase Ends in Bay Swim, Police Say Screwballs Involved
Kara VanderBijl on What's Up Doc?

Physical Comedy in Modern Times
Greg Cwik on Jackie Chan, Chaplin, Lloyd and Keaton

Not That There's Anything Wrong With That (free)
Elizabeth Cantwell on In Praise of Elaine Benes

All Hail the Mustard King
Thomas Willett on Animal House

Far From A Good Thing
Fran Hoepfner on Raising Arizona

Ranger’s Gambit
Christopher Cantwell on the lost work of Burt Reynolds

Laughing All the Way
Chad Perman on a childhood spent connecting through 80s comedy movies

An Interview with The Chicken in Hot Shots: Part Deux
Nick Rallo on Hot Shots: Part Deux