Issue 22: Music, pt. 2: Musicians & Fans

March 2015

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Letter from the Editor (free)

I'll Cry Instead (free)
Sara Gray on A Hard Day's Night

Love Me Tender
Sheila O'Malley on Love Me Tender

The High-Pitched Giggle of God
Michelle Said on Amadeus

Expressions in Blue
Brad Nelson on Jazz on a Summer's Day

To Live is To Fly
Thomas Lowery on Be Here to Love Me

Why God Made the Movies
Elisabeth Geier on Paul Simon in film

Preserve the Moose (free)
Andrew Root This Is Spinal Tap

The Distance between Brothers and Strangers
Brody Rossiter on Mistaken for Strangers

I Cannot Pronounce Your Name
Anna Sjogren on Heima

My My, Just How Much I’ve Missed You
Chris Fraser on working at a movie theater in 2008

Lay Me Down in Sheets of Linen
Arielle Greenberg on Almost Famous