Issue 21: Music, pt. 1: Musicals and Soundtracks

February 2015

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Thundering, Thundering
Molly Parent on The Music Man

The New National Anthem
Matthew Lawrence on Nashville

Fran Hoepfner on Moulin Rouge!

And Then I Don’t Feel So Bad
Bruno Alves on The Sound of Music

A Teacher To Take Me, Mold Me and Make Me
John Douglass on The Court Jester

Viewing Films with Autism and Evita’s Rhythmic Sway
Chris Donald on Evita

The Music is the Mask
Morgan Leigh Davies on Velvet Goldmine

No Hay Banda
Greg Cwik on music in the films of David Lynch

Each Morning A Regret: The Music of Tous les matins du monde
Olivia Collette on Tous les matins du monde

Adèle and Emma’s Infinite Playlist
Kyle Meikle on Guardians of the Galaxy and Blue is the Warmest Color

We Are the Best!
Arielle Greenberg on We Are The Best!