Issue 18: Noir

November 2014

Kindle edition (Amazon)

Letter from the Editor (free)

Confidence Men (free)
Karina Wolf on The Third Man

Venetian Blinds and Gleaming Silver Pistols
Sheila O'Malley on Sudden Fear

Shadows of a Doubt (free)
Michael Ryan on Shadow of a Doubt

Sorry About the Blood in Your Mouth. I Wish it Was Mine.
Tarra Martin on Brick

L.A. Story
Elizabeth Cantwell on The Big Sleep

The Loveliest Word in the English Language
Patrick Vickers on The Singing Detective

Kiss Me Apocalyptically
Brad Nelson on Southland Tales

Singing with the Wolf
Helen McClory on The Night of the Hunter

The Nine Lives of the Femme Fatale (free)
Angelica Jade Bastién

You Sure Are a Secret Man
Arielle Greenberg on Out of the Past