Issue 17: Fear

October 2014

Kindle edition (Amazon)

Letter from the Editor (free)

These Haunted Shores (free)
Kelsey Ford on The Uninvited

The Flower of Evil (free)
Karina Wolf on The Hunger

Our Hearts Condemn Us (free)
Kate Horowitz on Only Lovers Left Alive

After Dark (free)
Brad Nelson on Heavy Metal

Just Suggesting This Film Makes You Weird (free)
Bebe Ballroom on Eraserhead

Let the Monsters Have Their Day (free)
Bob Schofield on The Monster Squad

God's Not Supposed to Be a Hack Horror Writer! (free)
Letitia Trent on In The Mouth of Madness

You Can't Go Home Again (free)
A.J. Bradley on Return to Oz

Top Twenty(ish) Horror Movies I Am Too Frightened to See (But Fully Imagine All the Damn Time): An Exorcism (free)
Arielle Greenberg