Issue 16: School

September 2014

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Letter from the Editor (free)

Heirs Apparent (free)
Sophia Nguyen on The Emperor's Club

I’m Just a Teenage Dreamkid, Baby
Michelle King on She's All That

There’s No Crying In Marching Band
Fran Hoepfner on School of Rock

Cast Yourself Down (free)
Sara Gray on Notes on a Scandal

You Already Have Your Poetry
Elisabeth Geier on Il Postino

The True Measure of a Monster
Christopher Fraser on Monsters University

I'm Wild Again, Beguiled Again
Tarra Martin on The History Boys

Concrete Roads
Adam Boffa on Whisper of the Heart

I Feel Old, But Not Very Wise
Taylor Hine on An Education

Dear Diary
Arielle Greenberg on Heathers