Issue 15: Americana, pt. II

August 2014

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It’s Only An Island If You Look At It From The Water (free)
Elizabeth Cantwell on Jaws

But That's What Happened, Man.
Tess Lynch on American Movie

We'll Jump and We'll See (free)
Chad Perman on Joe Versus the Volcano

A Gentleman’s Guide to Surviving North by Northwest (free)
Erika Schmidt on North by Northwest

What Happened to You is Freak Luck
Bebe Ballroom on Rocky

Home is Where I Wanna Be
Andrew Root on An American Tail

And Not to Yield
Summer Block on O Brother, Where Art Thou?

It's Not Personal
Katie Zimolzak on The Godfather

There is a Light That Never Goes Out (free)
Brianna Ashby on Fried Green Tomatoes

I've Never Been Much Good
Arielle Greenberg on Gun Crazy