Issue 1: Beginnings

May 2013

Kindle edition (Amazon)

Foreword (free)

Ring of Fire (free)
Karina Wolf on The Place Beyond the Pines

I Won’t Have My Heart Broken (free)
Erica Cantoni on Mad Men

I Wish I’d Stayed, Too. (free)
Chad Perman on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

A Speculative Wes Anderson Filmography (2014–2065) (free)
Andy Sturdevant

Who Are You? (free)
Elizabeth Cantwell on Lost Highway

Define Sex & Then Define City (free)
Sam Donsky on Sex and the City 2

Isn’t Life Disappointing? (free)
Michelle Said on Tokyo Story

In Defense of Dead Poets Society (free)
Chris Cantwell

An Interview with Kevin McCallister on the Anniversary of His Abandonment (free)
Bebe Ballroom on Home Alone

These Things Matter (free)
Brianna Ashby