Towards a True Children’s Cinema: on My Neighbor Totoro

by Lauren Wilford

"Perhaps our mistake is in wanting to use films, to have them cater to us and keep us from boredom, rather than to see them, love them, and respect them as the free, precious, ephemeral things that they are."

Issue 45: Studio Ghibli

March 2017

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Towards a True Children’s Cinema: on My Neighbor Totoro
Lauren Wilford

The Things We Never Forget, Even When We Can't Remember: Fear and Bravery in Spirited Away
Ethan Warren

A Body is a Heavy Thing
Kelsey Ford on Howl's Moving Castle

We Contain Multitudes
Kelcie Mattson on Hayao Miyazaki and the female protagonists of Studio Ghibli features

The Nuclear Resonance of Castle in the Sky
Zach Budgor

Nothing to Fear
Sarah Welch on Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Better Living Through Minimalism: On the Soul of The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
Tim Markatos

Everyone Has to Cooperate: Nationalism and Victimhood in Grave of the Fireflies
Bradley Dixon

We Can't Rely on Men
Zosha Millman on growing up with Studio Ghibli films



Featured essays

Geography as Identity: On Moonlight

Angelica Jade Bastién

"How can I put into words what it’s like to see your very soul—ragged and yearning—across the screen?"

A Town by the Sea

Kelsey Ford on Manchester-by-the-Sea

"Understanding the landscape of an original grief doesn’t help with the second or the third. Each are unique, strange, impossible. Manchester understands this impossibility."

Death is the Curator: An Interview with Guillermo del Toro

Lauren Wilford

"That’s what makes our life experience. Those are the notes of the symphony that we’re going to be. A choice is not to miss, a choice is to embrace; a choice is to enshrine what you want to be. What you want to leave behind."

We'll Jump and We'll See

Chad Perman on Joe Versus The Volcano

"It’s a film that lives almost entirely in its own world, asking Big Questions about Big Things. But its heart is large, and its magic deep."