Life In Drag

by Brad Nelson
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"These are images of ghosts, optimized shapes no one can actually inhabit."

Issue 34: LGBTQ

March 2016

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Letter from an Editor (free)

Life in Drag (free)
Brad Nelson on But I'm a Cheerleader

An Attempt At Something (free)
Matt Brennan on The Hours

Unrequited Love, Beautiful Sadness
Louisa Giffard on My Own Private Idaho

Lots of Us Are Doing Fine
Kyle Amato on Weekend

Gay Boys at the Movies: On Almódovar's Bad Education
Manuel Betancourt

Thirteen Ways of Looking at The Duke of Burgundy
Arielle Greenberg on The Duke of Burgundy

Now Playing: Everybody Wants Some!!
Fran Hoepfner

Featured essays

The End of the End: An Evolution of Faith in Five Films (free)

by Jenny Hollowell

"My mother was six months pregnant with me, and in the nick of time. I believe she thought she was saving us both, though I was already immersed in water, already floating."

Let Yourself off the Hook (free)

Erica Cantoni on Friday Night Lights

"When I ask someone if they love Friday Night Lights, what I really mean is are you my kind of person?"