Monsieur Neary, What Do You Want?

by Gray Hendryx
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"I wanted to be like Roy. I wanted something huge and inscrutable to choose me out of the billions of people on Earth."


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Letter from the Editor (free)

Monsieur Neary, What Do You Want? (free)
Gray Hendryx on Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Anything Remarkable
Charlotte Orzel on Bridge of Spies

The World’s More Full of Weeping Than You Can Understand
Joel Blackledge on A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Watch The Skies: Empire of the Sun and the Difficult Third Album
Brian Doan on Empire of the Sun

You Know What You're Doing
Miranda Dubner on Raiders of the Lost Ark

No Unauthorized Breeding: Jurassic Park and Female Control
Valerie Kalfrin on Jurassic Park

Steven Spielberg: America's Most Important Historian?
Fedor Tot

Ain't You Somethin' (free)
Arielle Greenberg on Sugarland Express

The Two Christians (free)
Soraya Roberts on the duality of Christian Slater

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After Midnight (free)

Tracy Wan on the Before trilogy

"And maybe that’s the permission that this Linklater Love gives us: An infrangible faith in potential, in the slow walk down stony paths that will always lead to somewhere beautiful."

I Wish I'd Stayed, Too. (free)

Chad Perman on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

"We all carry so very much around with us—hope, fear, joy, sadness, compassion, jealousy, love, hate, patience, selfishness—in these tiny little brains of ours."

The Surface of Things (free)

Matt Brennan on Far From Heaven

"I wholeheartedly believed that the movies I consumed would remake who I was, and thereby conjure up the person I wanted to be."

You Are What You Do (free)

Sheila O'Malley on His Girl Friday

"While there are conflicts between men and women in a Howard Hawks picture, he often makes the conflicts look like the best fun in the world."