by Fran Hoepfner
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"There’s a tapestry of details we’re missing, a logic inherently gone, but I cannot overemphasize enough how much that isn’t the point. It’s a fable. It’s a story. It’s a movie. We’re here to believe."

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Letter from the Editor (free)

Suspension (free)
Fran Hoepfner on Midnight Special

After the End of the World
Brianna Low on Another Earth

Floating in Jars (free)
Elisabeth Geier on The Man with Two Brains and All of Me

Bodily Function
Sophia Cross on Advantageous

God Bless the Telephone
Andrew Martin on Sunshine

Anchored in Time
Amy Woolsey on Super 8

Does My Mother Dream of Electric Sheep?
Alex Dabertin on Her, Mad Max: Fury Road, Under the Skin, and Ex Machina

Post-Apocalyptic Alienation Revue: Richard Lester's The Bed-Sitting Room (1969) and the Dream of London at the End of the World
Brian Doan on The Bed-Sitting Room

How Could It Not Know What It Is?
Arielle Greenberg on Blade Runner

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Anything That Can Happen, Will Happen (free)

Andrew Root on Interstellar

"The point of a film is not to feel superior to it, to declare it “overrated,” to elevate our opinions above a piece of work, because what is often lost in that process is the quiet, personal experience that can be generated by a genuine interaction with a piece of art."

Fault Lines (free)

Kelsey Ford on Ex Machina

"The evolution of her character is presented in reverse: rather than being shown a disguise and dismantling it, she grows into her mask."

For The Unlikely Heroes of Apocalypse Movies (free)

by Leslie Jamison

"Let him sound the alarm. Let him rise into his mythos. Let him claim the junior high school that will someday bear his name."

The End of the End: An Evolution of Faith in Five Films (free)

by Jenny Hollowell

"My mother was six months pregnant with me, and in the nick of time. I believe she thought she was saving us both, though I was already immersed in water, already floating."